"When ever I was asked to create a menu, or just a dish of my choice, I have turned to the paradise of ingredients – Mediterranean, to its fresh vegetable markets, aromatic herbs, olive oil diet, fresh and sundrenched fruits and rich produce of the sea. Making a Greek menu is a colorful journey…
Let me take you for a journey - from Thessaloniki over Halkidiki and Aegean islands, over Larissa and Central Greece to Ionian islands, Peloponnese, Athens, down to Dodecanese and Crete, ending the journey in my Cyprus.
All that while sitting here, in Belgrade, where we use the culinary magic to make the food fantasies reality and use the tastes to draw a landscape.
I love how Mediterranean ingredients join their flavours to create an aromatic harmony and celebrate the sun that created them in fiesta of colors on a plate. This is my fusion cuisine. Those colours and flavours speak to me of Greece. Break the hot bread, dip it in the herbed virgin olive oil, have a glass of wine and the journey may begin. Bon voyage!"

Giorgos Papanikolaou